Robotic Book Scanner

DL-Mini Auto-Flip Book Scanner – The perfect combination of Image Quality, Less Preparation Time and Faster Productivity for automatic book scanning requirements of Digitization Centers, Libraries & Universities.

Auto-Flip Book Scanners

DL-mini automatic flip book scanner suitable for books, magazines and bound newspapers – Up to A2 format scanning surface suitable for 24 hours / 7 days operation, with Constant Image Quality, Reliable Page Turning and Highest Book Safety.

4DigitalBook DL-Mini is designed for Large Volume of Book Digitization of any bound material that significantly increases the net throughput and lowers the overall costs of your digitization projects.

No need to choose between automatic or manual scanner, you have both in ONE !

Auto and Manual Scanner in ONE

Large Size Page Format 2x A3

Suitable for Old & Recent Books

Constant Image Quality

Reliable Page Turning


DL-Mini Book Scanner

The leading and most technologically advanced, reliable and cost-effective robotic book scanners and associated software. DL-Mini does not require a full time op­erator, therefore enabling lowest project costs and highest staff productivity. The DL-Mini handles different varieties of bound documents with soft or hard covers and it offers the largest scanning surface of any automatic scanner.


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  • Up to A2 format scanning surface (for single pages)
  • High Qualify Images with up to 600 dpi Optical Resolution
  • LED lights 6000 °K, no variation over time
  • Max speed up to 2,000 pages per hour / 33 pages per minute
  • Average productivity 10,000 pages per working shift (300, 400 dpi)
  • All types of books, magazines, bound newspapers, registers
  • Respects full safety of the book, the binding and the pages
  • Intelligent automatic retry solves difficulties without operator
  • 3 speed settings depending on fragility of objects


  • All types – books, magazines, bound newspapers, registers
  • All challenging books – small books that close spontaneously books bound or multiple paper thickness
  • All precious books – no forces pulling up pages from the binding, no friction on pages, no  forces holding the cover
  • 10 kg book weight
  • 100 mm book thickness
  • Soft and rigid book covers
  • min A6 (105 x 148 mm) / max A3 (297 x 420 mm) page size
  • max A2 (600 x 420 mm) scanning area
  • 180° opening angle of pages
  • min. 20 g/m2, max. 200 g/m2 paper weight


  • Automatic detection of double pages
  • Automatic retries of page pickup – insures only one page turn at a time
  • Automatic measure of book thickness and page size (user has just to put the book inside)
  • Automatic follow-up of page border for best page pickup
  • Automatic book holding by distributed low pressure on plates
  • Automatic page pickup by distributed low pressure arm
  • Automatic page flattening under the glass can be : with selected pressure or without pressure
  • Automatic light correction for regular intensity of light over the whole scanning surface


  • Operator manually turns pages and manipulates exceptions
  • Operator uses foot switch to scan exposed document
  • Operator may scan with or without glass
  • Scanning all exceptions in a book like lose sheets, inserts, fold-outs, torn pages & covers


  • Inclosure with scanner, camera(s) and LED lights
  • Page turner with vacuum pump and pipes
  • PC-Scan computer with 1 TB ultra fast local storage, 24″ monitor, keyboard, mouse & foot switch
  • Scanning software CopiNet or EOSNet


  • No consumables
  • Duty cycle is 24 hours per day, 7 days per week
  • Recommended maintenance after every year of operation, once per year
  • Full remote control capability for technical support and diagnosis, user assistance and training

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